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scrittore_370x297Daniele Bernotti… Another IT person that works in IT area with his blog…. Who is this guy? Do we really need this website?

Yes it’s true, I understand your toughs and concerns, on the internet we’ve so many websites that talk about IT and one more makes no difference…. but…

I want to talk about business processes and all surrounding served by IT and not just pure computer and IT terminology.

I’m definitively an IT person with a deep technical skill, but I love to talk and work together with who needs my support to find a way to solve their problems.
30 years ago I entered into my first office in Milan, it was an IBM agent named “Computer Sharing Nord”, downtown Milan. In this company I started to move my first steps into the IT world. I know, 30 years are a lot. I spent/spending all my professional life working worldwide with my customers and I don’t know any other way to work without working interaction.

I’d like that this website will be a point of contact between business and IT. The first day in Computer Sharing, I’d been said that to support your customer (internal, external, IT colleague,…) you need to understand their needs/dreams and sometime there are linguistic/terminology blocks that inhibit an effective discussion between who ask and who have to reply.

I’ll talk more about business processes supported by IT, instead of how business have to be adapted to the IT processes and I’ll talk about how make profit using new technologies.

Please, please please, let me know your thoughts, criticism, ideas, suggestions and discussion topics. IT in my working career changed a lot, business processes changed as well, but the relations between users and programmers, business owners vs IT guys is still very similar and this is the area where a good interaction-collaboration between the teams makes the difference.
This site has to be a bi-directional site. I’ll write what my experience suggest, but I’ll be very happy to listen/read what people will have to say and comment.

Thanks for your feedback, suggestions, ideas and support.



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